A yo! Tell your hommies that we gonna bring you the best fruity flava in da hood and it’s gonna bang yo head, dawg. Introducing three new flavas in town: Straw Kiwi, Pine Dew and Double Melon. Grab em’ while they last!

Your day ain’t gonna be better without the sick taste of kiwi and strawberry. The sweet bump strawberry and its delicious cousin the kiwi combined in a fruity e-juice that you won’t pass up!

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Prepare to be stoked by the rich taste of honeydew that will finally ends up with the ripe and succulent watermelon. Leavin’ all other melon flavour far behind.

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Bolos with the illest taste of an islands with this refreshing pineapple honeydew. These two flavors make it the perfect blend for parlayin all day long with yo homies at the beach!

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